Sa., 24. Juli | Hallein

Schuss & Schotter

Schuss & Schotter is a self-supported, multi-surface gravel bike event in Salzburg. Starting in the city of Hallein you can follow one of three different tracks.
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Schuss & Schotter

Zeit & Ort

24. Juli, 09:00
Hallein, Metzgergasse 9, 5400 Hallein, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

The  routes will take you on an adventure through scenic landscapes, up to  beautiful alpine pastures, past mountain rivers, and across beautiful  valleys.

Schuss  & Schotter is not a race – it is about having a good time with  friends and others who share the love for riding bikes in the great wide  open. Participate in groups, join in pairs, or ride solo – everyone is  welcome.

Bon Voyage.

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